Decking Cleaning Hull

We receive many requests from homeowners to pressure clean decking and other wood features in the area around Hull and Beverley in East Yorkshire and Grimsby in North Lincolnshire.  

Decking has received endless promotion on television shows in recent years, hence the big increase in installations in the UK. As long as it is kept clean it can look very nice. However, it will fade with constant exposure to UV light and will attract all sorts of surface growth such as moss and algae in damp or shaded areas. This can make the wood very slippery, and quite dangerous to walk on in the wet.

We can pressure clean all types of decked areas and once dry, we can apply a quality decking oil to improve the look and appearance of the wood provide longer lasting protection from deterioration. Applying the decking oil will also make stains from bird droppings, algae and moss easier to remove.

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If you live near Hull or Grimsby and you have a decked area that needs cleaning, just ask for a FREE quotation by calling 0800 138 0876 or 07973 543141.

You can also send your request online by completing our enquiry form.